Jaime Rodríguez Gómez

Visiting Professor

Creative and critical experimentation about the expression and narrative possibilities of technology

Catalina Uribe Rincón

Assistant Professor

Rhetoric, political communication, theories of journalism and communication

Juan Camilo González

Assistant Professor

Animation, data representation, creative programming, digital storytelling, web development, physical computing, and curation

Charlotte de Beauvoir

Associate Professor

Journalist and sound producer. Winner of several awards, including the Simon Bolivar National Journalism Award. She works freelance for several French media and podcasts in Spanish

María Paula Martínez

Associate Professor - Professor representing the Master's Degree in Journalism

Data journalism and information visualization

Lorenzo Morales

Associate Professor

Investigative journalism; reporting and chronicle; writing workshop; editing and newsroom. His work has focused on covering issues of armed conflict, human rights, corruption, and organized crime. He has also worked on environmental issues, politics, and police abuses

Omar Rincón

Full Professor

Audiovisual and digital creation on narco, indigenous and popular cultures. Research and essay on entertainment, media, digital and journalistic cultures; also on political communication.

Sandra Beatriz Sánchez López

CEPER Director - Associate Professor

History of print and media culture in Latin America, 19th and 20th centuries. Women, gender and power - Archives and digital history - Performativity and corporealities.