Multimedia Narratives

Multimedia Narratives

Código: CPER-2501
Ciclo: Primer ciclo (8A)
Modalidad: Virtual
Idioma: inglés

Special course in collaboration between Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá & University of Southern California, Los Angeles. (Course in English)

Multimedia Narratives, professor: Juan Camilo González <-> Remixing the Archive, professor: Virginia Kuhn.

This intermediate-level course investigates the close interrelationships among technology, semiotics, and culture in order to form a solid foundation for scholarly digital authoring. This semester we will be collaborating with students and professor from the “Media, Arts + Practice” division in Los Angeles. We will meet with the students in the US, every Tuesday and most Thursdays, keeping plenty of open lab time in order to nurture collaboration. There are three projects: project one will focus on character animation using a coded template; project two will use social media against itself; project three will ask you to spatialize a story. We will work with some of the open-source platforms developed by Forensic Architecture group which will add to our global approach.

Más información e inscripciones

José Manuel Villamarín, Coordinador pregrado Narrativas digitales